To start suggest you visit their sites, I have made for friends:
Äîìàøíÿÿ ñòðàíè÷êà NataliHome page of my girlfriend in real life Natali. There you can explore the site hostess, to see its many pictures, read a poem by Natasha, her friends and just liked it (among them mine). Just you the greetings and wishes for all occasions, stories of love, cards and pictures, cosmetics, Oriflame, polls, forum and many links. Come visit us!
Äîìàøíÿÿ ñòðàíè÷êà ÑíåæàíûHere you can get acquainted with my virtual girlfriend Snezhana from Bishkek, learn about her, her husband and little son of Abu Bakir, friends, look through the family album. And also on the page are poems, quotes, greetings, jokes for everyone, information for present and future moms, links! Come on in, you will not regret!
Çàãëÿíè â ãîñòè ê ñèìïàòè÷íîé Ðóñàëî÷êå!Another one of my virtual girlfriend - Julia, who is there one that is from Cleveland. Who really a poor Yulka do - and a dog in my bullpen , and the Golden Dragon and the Little Mermaid! It looks like the image of the Little Mermaid Julia liked the most. :) Swim on her island, there are many interesting things!
Ðîìàøêèí ñàéòWelcome to the site of my virtual friends from Odessa - Nadine, or simply Daisies! Wonderful poem, sad, biting the soul of prose and bright, interesting photographs mistress site for sure you will enjoy!
.::Æåíñêèå ñåðäöà::.Women's hearts - a site made by me for Svetlana. However, unlike previous ones, this site is updated by Svetlana, his mistress. In addition, it is not just a homepage, but a real woman's club, who can join everyone! Need only fill out a form and it will appear online in "Girlfriends." Here you can also read about the mistress of the site to find many recipes, poems, stories, chat, survey, sea links and a forum where you can chat about different topics! Girls and women, come join us!
And that my friends sites and other interesting homepages:
ladYksu - íåçàâèñèìûé äèçàéíSite of my virtual girlfriend Oksana from Kiev, or ladYksu. Oksana enjoys photography, web-design, manufacturing, business cards, posters, calendars, postcards, etc. Be sure to visit her "virtual tours" - there you will see beautiful pictures of Odessa, Kiev, Uman, Lviv and other cities. Also on site is a work of Oksana and a collection of stereo images.
TaurusAnother friend of mine from a distant Ashgabat. On this site you can learn many things about the site owner, her husband and friends, see her photos and pictures, read her poems and stories, as well as talk to her, not only in prose but in verse!
Pandora's WorldWelcome to the world of Pandora! Here you can ask the Delphic oracle, to know their future, as your attention the casket of Pandora, the music world, a library, the style of a Pandora's article on how to make a career, tests, dictionary seteyaza, polls, Harry Potter and much more.
Äîìàøíÿÿ ñòðàíè÷êà ÂàëåðèHome Page Valerie. Here you can explore the site owner, to see her photos. Your attention the verses, Valerie, I recommend reading! Also look at the piggy bank - there you will find all sorts of differences is an interesting.
Nastia.DeHome page Nasti from Germany. All of the site owner and its son Andreas, photos, humor, recipes, links, as well as many interesting things for the present and future moms!
Äîáðî ïîæàëîâàòü ê StarTear!Site StarTear - which is just not! Library, quotes, horoscopes, Pantry, games, polls, jokes, prose, poetry, articles, ads, forum, photos, links ... Come visit us!
ARILEO: Ìèð Ñîëíöà è ìèð ËóíûÇHere dwell the winged horses live here poems and drawings, there is still a lot of interesting ... For example, a fantastic nail art ... And the wonderful talented girl Elena from St. Petersburg, who created all this.
 ãîñòÿõ ó ÀëüêèVisiting Alcoy you will find a lot of interesting, new and unusual! The main objective of this site - an attempt to render all possible assistance through the Internet to anyone who needs it. Here you can consult a lawyer, doctor, psychologist, to eliminate computer illiteracy, see photo albums, aside from worries by visiting the reading room, enjoy the poetry, if you want to put their creations, and remember those who have left us forever ...
Beauty - äîìàøíÿÿ ñòðàíèöàHome Beauty. This girl is wonderful singing and the songs in her performance can be heard on this site. Also on site verses Beauty, her photo album, profile and personal information.
Äîìàøíÿÿ ñòðàíè÷êà JollyHome Jolly. Here you can get acquainted with the mistress of the site to see beautiful photos: nature, flowers, animals, pet cat lady and a child of her friend, read the LJ.
Ñêàçêèí ËåñGood, bright, a little noisy forest of eternal summer ... to rank-and-path, with the breeze whispering among the leaves, the black waters of the cool forest rivers, we will be surprised with the beauty and tranquility .... Beautiful poems and stories, photos, music, humor, and yet so many interesting and surprising that you can get lost!
LA-SONGA-SONG - the online home of Marina Lanskoy. Lana wrote beautiful poetry and lyrics to songs that are performed by Inna Malikova, Lasha Churguliya herself Marina.
Âåëèêîëåïíàÿ êóõíÿ UmbraGorgeous kitchen Umbra! A lot of useful information about serving, table manners, restaurant and other rules of etiquette, kitchen knives, as well as recipes of various dishes, links to cooking sites. And on page creativity awaits you familiar with the works of world literature as well as lesser-known writers of today. There is a page and my poetry.
Çà÷àðîâàííûé Ëåñ ÀìàäåõòWelcome to the Enchanted Forest Amadeht! Here lives the mistress of the forest Ryska and other inhabitants. In this magical forest are different paths, there are stored the records and scrolls with poems and songs, but if you wander through the forest, you can find the lair of the Bobcats. Visited once in this mysterious forest, you will want to go back there again!

Site Danali. Web-ãðàôèêà äëÿ ñàéòîâ.Site Danali. Here you will find a variety of animated pictures, buttons, labels, backgrounds, wallpapers, frames - great decoration for your site! Most of them are site owner has made his own hands, which is well she did it! Also on site there is information about dinosaurs, serials, zodiac sign and earnings in the network.

Ôîòîãðàôèè, àôîðèçìû, ñòèõè, àíåêäîòû î ËÞÁÂÈ!Website of Olga, where you will find beautiful photographs,
as well as anecdotes, aphorisms, poems about love!
Äîìàøíÿÿ ñòðàíè÷êà Àíþòèêà  Welcome to the page Anyutika! Why not just here! Animations, clipart, wallpapers, music, midi, games, pictures for mobile, beautiful postcards, and banners made by the mistress of the site.
Ñáîðíèê ñòèõîâ îò Îëåíüêè Collection of poems by Olenka. This page is created for romantics and fans of poetry and songs. Here you will find poems about love, army verses, congratulations for the holidays, SMS-ki, poems, personal essays. Upon request, each of you can leave as your creation, and creation of your friends and loved poets.

Äîáðî ïîæàëîâàòü íà ñàéò Êàìåòû!Cameta site has it all! News, Enoteca, diet, karaoke, wallpapers, jokes, aphorisms, Feng Shui, vignettes, scenarios for the holidays, information for beginners saytostroiteley, gifts, exchange links ... In general, will not be bored!

Çäîðîâûé îáðàç æèçíèSite of Xenia, on a healthy lifestyle. Sea of information! Survey methodology for the body's systems, histories, essays, articles on various topics, interesting and useful things, beautiful pictures mistress site and those that did it.
Ñàéò ÂàñèëèíêèWelcome to the website Vasilinka! This girl is beautiful paints and her paintings can be seen on the site. Also on site is a section on the owner, interesting links, modding, forum and chat.

Ñàéò ÂèêÒîðèèSite of Victoria. Karaoke, file archive, catalog, gallery of pictures, the book of friends, voting, links, events, dating, jokes, music, news, movie theater, screen savers, photo from the screen and much more. Beautiful and interesting site with an opportunity to comment and upload their pictures, works, etc.

Dragonfly`s pageDragonfly `s page. Info about the site owner and its hobbies, photos, working in Photoshop, competition sites, forums, all sorts of differences and interesting! Bored on this site do not have to!

Càéò íà÷èíàþùåé ïîýòåññû The illusion of the imagination - site starts poetess. Beautiful poetry and miniature mistress site, photos, erotic photos, poems and aphorisms about love ...
Äîìàøíÿÿ ñòðàíè÷êà Ôåè Music, books, spring, photos, pictures, legends, Greece, sports, interviews, links, help, application form, bulletin board, forum, chat - all this awaits you at the site of Mary!
Angel's World Welcome to the world of angels! Chronicle of miracles; creativity, where readers are waiting for their stories and poems mistress, music heaven, where you can learn a lot about groups of Nautilus Pompilius and Aria, the mysterious world of fantasy and anime, various road links - all this awaits you at the Castle of Miracles Angelin. A friendly hostess will welcome you with joy. Drop in tea with a cake drinketh!

Äîáðî ïîæàëîâàòü ê ÔîòèêóHome page Fotik. Meet the hospitable hostess, Svetlana and many of her friends! Site Fotik many photos, chat forum and Literary Page.

Ìóçûêà ñëîâMusic of words - the online home of suns. Mirror of the soul, the elixir of health, the book of revelations, the gallery of life, strange dreams, a quiet corner - that's such an unusual, romantic titles of sections of the site. Here you'll find poetry, prose, photography, humor, chat, all sorts of useful - so much that not count!

Äîìàøíÿÿ ñòðàíè÷êà Þëè÷êèHere you can meet Yulichkoy (in BC - Bad Kitty), look at funny pictures, and pictures of Julia and her son David, read the jokes and aphorisms. A page for Julia made a friend of mine, another Julie JS.
Ïóøèñòàÿ òåòðàäü Fluffy book. Wonderful site, wonderful poem, wonderful pictures and generally very nice and friendly site, thanks to which, many years ago, my first time there was a desire to create your own. Sorry, furry notebook is not updated for a long time, but I was there for some reason pulls sometimes ...
Love-Kiska Home PageHome Page Love-kiski. Here you'll learn all about the pussy, see her photos. Also on the site of the sea with interesting and useful information: about the wedding, a group of "Alice", a lot of greetings, poems and toasts, Zelenograd photos, recipes, thoughts, words, pictures ... And this is not an exhaustive list of what is on this site!
Äîìàøíÿÿ ñòðàíè÷êà Íàòóñèêà Home page Natusika (it Belka, it also ta_samaya) from St. Petersburg. The site is some information about it, photo, journalism, LJ, methods of communication.
Ñàéò Ìàëè÷êèHome page Malichki. All about the owner site, photos, friends, banners, links, stories from life, chihalka ...
MelpomenaLove to correspond to the verses? Then this link is for you! Also on the site, there are beautiful pictures! We are the hostess of this site, Melpomenoy, often go to each other's homes, virtual tea sipping, poetry talk. Part of the company?
Ludasha`s LifePeace in the palm of your hand - Lyudashiny page. Poems, photographs, diary, a gallery of tattoos, games, thinking about life, about man and woman, pozdravilka and much more interesting!
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